Who Am I?

When I gave my clues to my wife last night she guessed the mystery person immediately. Therefore, I will have to be more sly and less obvious with my hints.


  1. I am a writer of a book in the Old Testament.
  2. I am a prophet, one of seventeen who have books in the Old Testament.
  3. God placed a heavy burden on me to warn Israel about a great chastisement to come from the hands of a mighty and idolatrous nation if my people did not do penance. They didn’t obey. That chastisement did come and I fled beforehand down towards Egypt. I died in exile just before Israel’s long captivity ended.
  4. Part of my book of prophecy is a canticle.
  5. If angels could laugh they had a moment of, shall I say, of hilarity at my expense.
  6. I was a good cook, and a great waiter.
  7. Unlike Eliseus, who was bald, I had a hefty crop of hair.