Who Am I ?

Due to the fact that my mystery guest is so well known, I had to be extra clever with my clues. In fact, reading them, you may easily be led astray, nevertheless, I assure you, when this person is revealed, you will discover that each clue was on target. Actually, now that it is posted, I think readers will figure this one out quickly.

  1. I am the most quoted person in history.
  2. My name appears twice in the Old Testament and twice in the New.
  3. I announced the coming of Christ in very explicit terms.
  4. My name is a Hebrew word and it reflects exactly what I am called in the Old Testament.
  5. I spoke of the advent of the Messiah to a young man (God is my Judge) in an unholy land and I also spoke in the “holy place,” and, most importantly, before the Ark of the Covenant.
  6. I never spoke on earth but what I was told to speak by God. The Almighty expects to be believed at His word and, when His word is doubted, there are consequences. Indeed He can leave the doubter speechless. I ought to know.
  7. Yes, I am a saint, but I was never canonized.
  8. Tradition has assigned me several roles in scripture, the most wrenching of which was to give succor and strength to my king, a strong man who, all alone, wrestled victorious over the demons in a pinguid arena. I also was a wrestler, but I lost my match with a patriarch and, consequently, changed his name forever.  I have a role yet to play. I must announce the cessation of all measurement of material change. I will do this with a roar like a lion and a blast of my wind so loud that it could wake up the dead.