Who Am I?

Who am I?

No one among the just has waited longer than I to see God face to face.

I have a mission that has yet to be fulfilled.

I have never eaten meat. For a while I did eat herbs. Now I only eat fruit.

And, I am in perfect health biologically although I am very old.chronologically.

Even the wild animals play before me for my delight..

I have a friend, a just man, who joined me many years after I came to dwell here. We never grow tired praising God.

The weather where I live is always splendid.

I pray all the time and I know the scriptures by heart. They are my constant meditation. My name is written therein.

It has been revealed to me that I must one day preach to the nations and, after I have completed my mission, I will be given the crown of martyrdom.

My soul is always at peace, for God has revealed to me that He is pleased with me.