‘Who Painted It?’

We posted this as a news item back in 2009. But, being that yesterday was the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I decided to post it again, anew. As with her Son, and because of Him, Mary is a ‘sign of contradiction.’ How many millions of unbelievers, heretics, and pretended Christians have known of, seen pictures of, and ignored the miraculous image of the Mother of God! “Who painted it”? Lukewarm Catholics may well know who painted it, but the visitation of Mary to America in 1521 and her healing words, and the standing miracle itself, have no meaning in their lives.  What Our Lady said to Saint Juan Diego is meant for all her children. We are all her Juan Diegotzin. “Juan Diego, my dear little one.”

Madame Secretary Meets the Empress of the Americas

Dominicana: The two women gazed at each other through the pane of bulletproof glass: one the Secretary of State of the most powerful nation on Earth, the other the maternal emissary of Earth’s Creator. Madam Secretary stood dressed in a smart red power suit; La Guadalupana was miraculously emblazoned on a humble peasant’s tilma. Unfortunately, their visit had to be short: Madam Secretary had an award banquet to attend in honor of her protection of abortion rights. Read more here.

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