Who’s Your Daddy?

Good Vortex here. Another reminder of the need for good Catholic men and good Catholic fathers.

The slang expression “Who’s your daddy?” holds a lot of of significance these days owing to the “man crisis.” A boy passing into young manhood is at a severe disadvantage without a father rooted in the Faith. That is so blindingly clear it seems almost insulting to a person’s intelligence to even say it. But it must be said.

No good faithful man in a boy’s life is almost guaranteed to spell a world of hurt for the boy — and not just in the usually considered way. Of course the absence of a faith-filled father will create a huge deficit in the boy’s life. There are the rare exceptions, of course, that a substitute dad in the form of a grandfather or uncle or even a very involved coach can serve as a good safety net, but those cases are not the rule. … [Read more.]