Why the Disorientation and Exodus of Nuns in the 60s and 70s? Humanist Psychology?

Patheos‘ Kathy Schiffer provides an informative summary of the destructive role of just two psychologists and their team who, in 1966, were given a three-year grant (I don’t know from what organization) to experiment with religious orders through humanistic Freudian inspired workshops. One congregation, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary lost 90% of their 615 members, the other 10% are now radical feminists. Dr. William Coulson, the leader of the “mission,” regrets the harm he had done.

Who would deny that the Church has enemies who have succeeded in infiltrating her in the past century or more? As the most powerful obstacle to satanic communism and global secularism the Church is the real enemy of darkness and evil, so, yes, the enemy would try to destroy her from within and without.

Bella Dodd, who through the efforts of Bishop Fulton Sheen, was converted back into the Catholic Church in 1952, was a activist lawyer for the Communist party in the United States in the 1930s and 40s. Here is what she testified testified in 1953 to the House un-American Activities Committee regarding the infiltration of the Catholic Church:

Stating that the Communist infiltration was so extensive that in the future “you will not recognize the Catholic Church,” she also said: “In the 1930’s, we put eleven hundred men into the priesthood in order to destroy the Church from within.” And more: “Right now they are in the highest places, and they are working to bring about change in order that the Catholic Church will no longer be effective against Communism.”

Manning Johnson, a former Communist Party official and author of “Color, Communism and Common Sense” testified in the same investigation before the House: “Once the tactic of infiltration of religious organizations was set by the Kremlin … the Communists discovered that the destruction of religion could proceed much faster through infiltration of the (Catholic) Church by Communists operating within the Church itself. The Communist leadership in the United States realized that the infiltration tactic in this country would have to adapt itself to American conditions (Europe also had its cells) and the religious make-up peculiar to this country. In the earliest stages it was determined that with only small forces available to them, it would be necessary to concentrate Communist agents in the seminaries. The practical conclusion drawn by the Red leaders was that these institutions would make it possible for a small Communist minority to influence the ideology of future clergymen in the paths conducive to Communist purposes This policy of infiltrating seminaries was successful beyond even our communist expectations.”

Back to Kathy Schiffer: But if the LCWR’s membership—which includes, according to their statistics, 80% of women religious in the United States—are off-track theologically, that has not always been the case.   The “angry feminist nun” seems to be a citizen of the modern era.   Once it seemed that the life of a Sister was a life of piety and prayerful service, not theological dissent and left-wing political causes.

Things have changed, to be sure.   But why? William Coulson may have an answer to that question. Read the article here.