Wilfrid Villarrubia, My Father, RIP

My Father, Wilfrid A. Villarrubia, died at 5:08 AM on All Souls Day, in the Intensive Care Unit of Catholic Medical Center in Manchester, New Hampshire.

He had received Extreme Unction on Wednesday and the Apostolic Blessing yesterday morning (All Saints Day). The prayers for the dying were recited at that time, too. We prayed the traditional prayers of commendation for a departing soul when he breathed his last some seventeen hours later. He was wearing his brown scapular, and this coming is the First Saturday of the Month.

While in the hospital, Dad had the ministrations of no fewer than four priests. Two were traditional-rite priests, who administered Extreme Unction, and then the Apostolic Blessing respectively. Two were CMC hospital chaplains, who were very good to give him a blessing and offer words of consolation to the family who were keeping vigil at his side.

God is good.

Prayers for his soul would be much appreciated. Funeral arrangements are forthcoming.