You Are Reading a ‘Dangerous’ Website!

We have received two reports that viewers are being told by their software that our websites are “unsafe.” In both cases, the messages are coming from Microsoft. This brief posting has three purposes: (1) to make readers aware of the situation and the actual state of our site’s “safety”; (2) to put out a call for additional information to US and international readers; and (3) to urge three “action items” for readers to do in order to maintain clear lines of communication — which is the enemy’s first target in any war!

I. What’s Happening?

On April 30, we received this message from a reader in Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

I was perusing your website this morning at approximately 8:45am Calgary, Alberta, Canada time. I was reading your article on the 2 Bakersfield doctors as I had already read the story last week on LifeSite News. When I clicked on the 2nd video regarding the takedown by You Tube my screen immediately went RED WITH A THREATENING WARNING FROM MICROSOFT. You are probably aware of this but thought it pertinent that I report this to you. I have a laptop Microsoft Surface Pro 5 that I use.
Keep up your exemplary work for Our Lord and God Bless.

Yesterday, June 3, we received this from a reader in Edinburgh, Scotland, who was logging on to the site:

I just wanted to let you know that when I go on to the store, I get a message from Microsoft that this has been reported as an unsafe website. I have to over ride the message to get into the store.

We appreciate these readers informing us of this. 

In light of the well documented Orwellian information control techniques of many Big Tech firms, we are led to conclude that branding of our sites as “unsafe” likely constitutes an ideological decision on the part of some of the “woke” oligarchs at Microsoft. Because we do not conform to the dominant narratives foisted by the MSM and Big Tech, some of our site content probably tripped off their ideologically-charged algorithms.  Our website security is industry standard. This is not some free blog hosted on a Hillary-Clintonesque insecure server. Our site is hosted by a respected US-based commercial ISP that is used by many large firms. We pay over $300 a month in web hosting costs alone to keep the sites up, and security is a good part of that. Additionally, our site has even higher security in order to protect credit card transactions that happen online. All product payments and donations made through and PayPal have the built-in security that we pay for as part of our online overhead — over and above the aforementioned $300+.

From a site security perspective, calling our site “unsafe” is a lie. Again, it is simply an ideological statement. 

II. Call for Information

If you are a reader or a customer — U.S. or international — who has gotten a message like the ones described above, we would appreciate screenshots of those messages. They can be sent to my email address.

III. Three Action Items

Language and communication are being manipulated by certain sectors of Big Tech. This is undeniable. Yet, language and communication are integral to what it is to be human and, at the supernatural level, what it is to be Christian. The censoring of truths that are uncomfortable to totalitarian tech titans is quickly moving beyond the level of threat to that of a present reality. Let us maintain contact so that our Crusade may advance. Here are three things that you can do to keep in contact with us: 

  1. Get on our US Postal mailing list. We send out monthly mailings via United States Bulk Mail. 
  2. Sign up for our email lists. So far, anyway, MailChimp still allows free speech to dissenters from the mainstream party line (as long as we pay!)
  3. Follow us (and me) on Gab. Should we be banned by the jackbooted leftists of mainstream social media, this may become our exclusive social media presence.

It is flattering that the digital cryptocrats at Microsoft think we’re “unsafe.” Let’s make sure, though, that we stay in touch.