You’re Going to Love This Humble Tribute to the Queen of the May

Richard Becker is now my favorite internet writer. At least for the rest of the month. I have heard similar words to his uttered with stirring pathos from Father Michael Jarecki our chaplain here at Saint Benedict Center for many years. He died on October 22, 2012, at the age of ninety-five. Father never ended a sermon without calling upon us to love Mary for she is our good Mother. He was speaking then as a child to the faithful brethren gathered, his brothers and sisters. We are all children of Mary. Sometimes Father would interrupt himself while giving a sermon on the Gospel reading and he would suddenly look down, shake his head, and say, “Do not offend God, He is so Good.” That’s it, followed by an exhortation to love Mary. As far as his priestly heart was concerned there was nothing more to add.

Richard Becker’s beautiful account of his parish’s May Crowning and his uninhibited enthusiasm passing out rosaries at a local fair is as infectious as the tears of a loved one.

Catholic Exchange: Last Friday was May Crowning at my parish, and so I arrived loaded for bear: Two clean hankies at the ready, not to mention optimal pew positioning – close to the center aisle, but not too close to anyone I knew.

Why? It’s so predictable: Once the procession begins and we start singing those corny Marian songs, I commence blubbering – like clockwork, every year. Usually I can hold off through “Immaculate Mary” and “Sing of Mary,” but the clincher is always “Queen of the May:” Read the rest here.