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Pray for Dr. Anthony Esolen

Dr. Anthony Esolen, author, translator, Dante scholar, and professor at Providence College, is under attack from the Orwellian diversity enforcers at PC for daring to criticize the direction they have chosen for the school. You can read sympathetic write-ups of his situation at National Review,  Life Site, and other places — including a lengthy interview with Rod Dreher at The American Conservative. If you would like to … More →

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George Soros: Profile of an Oligarch

When people claim that democracy tends to be manipulated by the oligarchs — as I have posited here, here, and here — it is men like the liberal atheist George Soros they have in mind. On the one hand, Mr. Soros sponsors groups that clamor for the downfall of the “one percenters”; on the other hand, he is a “one percenter.” Similarly, he calls for government taxation and … More →

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“The Time Has Not Come”

Although these lines won’t reach readers until after the event, in real time they are written prior to the November 8 presidential election. The voting won’t affect what is said because neither of the major-party candidates, not the one who can’t be trusted nor the other who is corrupt, is a person a Catholic would want for U.S. President, not a Catholic who understands that … More →

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Does Catholic Moral Teaching Matter Any More?

On Thursday, October 20, 2016, three Catholic institutions, one in New York, and two in Boston, held fundraising galas which reveal, effectively, the current, debilitated state of American Catholicism, and mark yet another milestone in its spiritual and moral decline. In all three venues, the sponsoring Catholic entity showcased public figures who promote the murder of pre-born children, the deformity of marriage, the normalization of sodomy, the … More →

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Keeping the Counter-Reformation Going

This year’s Conference was a rousing success. We had a full house for the two days of talks and a wonderful time socializing and getting to know the new folks who came; one from California (he was inducted into the Third Order) and one from West Virginia, not to mention our guest speaker, Mike Church, from Louisiana. The following is a run down of the … More →

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Clinton Staffers Rip Catholic Teaching and Catholics

Wikileaks has revealed some embarrassing anti-Catholic remarks from Hilary Clinton’s staffers. To quote Mike Church (from a Facebook post): Slick Hillary’s good squad of J. Halpin and Jennifer Palmieri, with an assist from the ubiquitous electronic voyeur John Podesta, had an email exchange in which they mocked “conservative Catholics” for being duped by Catholic “systematic thought” and “severely backwards gender relations”. Ahh yes, the Dogma … More →

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Going to War in Syria: Seriously?

Catching up on news after our conference weekend (a good one, by all accounts I’ve heard from attendees), I became disturbed at the possibility of imminent war. I speak of the saber rattling over Syria. If the Warhawks get their way, there will be more useless deaths of Americans, increased (and justified) hatred of us abroad, worse conditions for the Christians in the Middle East, and … More →

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Protest Emily Rooney’s Slander of Padre Pio

If you have not read yesterday’s release by the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, please do so and consider this action item: Please contact WGBH and let them know how outraged you were by Emily Rooney’s contemptuous and unjust slander of Padre Pio. You may email WGBH at: . You may also contact Jeff Keating, managing editor of WGBH News at 617-300-2539. You may contact Emily … More →

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Catholic Action League Rebukes Emily Rooney for Defaming Saint Padre Pio

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today criticized public television host Emily Rooney for claiming that Padre Pio—Catholicism’s most popular modern saint—was “a charlatan.” Rooney, a former network television producer, moderates a weekly, half-hour discussion program, Beat the Press, where she and four panelists, usually a mix of columnists and professors of journalism, analyze news coverage of local and national events. The program is broadcast on Boston’s WGBH-TV, the so-called flagship … More →

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Facing the Implications of Our Professed Principles

During one of our conversations in late 2002—as the build up for the Iraq war was increasing, to include “the psychological preparation of the battlefield” on the home front—Joe Sobran suddenly said, and to me unforgettably: “It can take men a depressingly long time to face the implications of their professed principles.”(His words and tone made me think of G.K. Chesterton and his own logical … More →

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Carl Anderson to Pro-Abortion Catholic Pols: Resign from Office! (BUT Stay in The Knights of Columbus)

In an article in The Hill, Carl Anderson, the leader of America’s largest Catholic organization, the Knights of Columbus, has called upon Catholic elected officials who support legal abortion—despite their personal views—to resign from public office. Anderson urged them to embrace what he described as “the John F. Kennedy option,” invoking the words of JFK in his September, 1960 speech before the Greater Houston Ministerial Association. … More →

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Placing Blame Where It Belongs

The downward spiral of society in Western Europe and North America that began in the sixteenth century with the Protestant revolt, accelerated in the eighteenth when liberal rule began to replace Christian government and then gathered still more speed during the two following centuries, now appears to have stopped. Instead we seem to have gone into free-fall. Consider that only a few years ago it … More →

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Massachusetts Legislature: Defend Decency, Oppose House Bill 4392!

Because so many members of the General Court were away this week at the Democratic National Convention, the Massachusetts Legislature will close out its 2016 session with a special weekend sitting of the House and the Senate today, July 30th, and tomorrow, July 31st. One of the proposed laws which may emerge from the Committee on Third Readings is a pernicious measure sponsored by Representative Byron Rushing, … More →

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A Little Question on the Word ‘Conservative’

Being now in the full throes of the 2016 presidential election cycle, political news and talk is now even louder than usual. There are many wars of words, most of them horribly shallow and uninformed by sound principles. In light of that, I have a question. When Milo Yiannopoulos, the self-styled “Dangerous Faggot,” passes for “conservative,” what on God’s green earth is being conserved? Share, Bookmark, … More →

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What on Earth Do Catholics Want?

The incomparable Patrick J. Buchanan authored a column on the racial and religious remapping of Europe and America: “Will the West Survive the Century?” The twin engines propelling these demographic shifts are the birth dearth of Europeans (in both continents), and the careless immigration policies of Europe and its North-American outposts. Inasmuch as these phenomena are both practical expressions of liberalism, and inasmuch they are … More →

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