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Christendom no longer exists, but, nevertheless, Catholics must be active members of their respective societies and agents of justice in a world bereft of moral values. We must know history, not merely current events. European history, after the conversion of the nations, was the history of the Church. This history is certainly important to know. But, as Americans, we cannot afford to be ignorant of our own history. The virtue of patriotism, which is actually a natural manifestation of the supernatural gift of piety, demands that we have an appreciation for whatever is good in the history of this land of ours, not just after 1776, but since events were recorded here. The virtue of patriotism also obligates us to recognize the sins of our nation. “My country right or wrong,” is an evil axiom that changes patriotism into self-adulating nationalism.

As Catholics, we ought to be justly concerned about world events, especially about the persecution of the Church that is going on in other countries. Advantage ought to be taken of the many good Catholic outlets of information that are available today. Our website is a good source of the news that counts. From our religious perspective, we are able to bypass the useless information and disinformation that fills the major media, and provide the news that affects our lives as members of the Church militant. If it doesn’t help anyone sub specie aeternitatis (under the aspect of eternity) we don’t post it.

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Money, the Immigration Problem, Islam

Although leftist propaganda has always portrayed it as the successful rising of peasants and the urban poor, and if the mob, incited by frustrated intellectuals, renegade priests and enthusiastic women, were in fact masters of the streets of Paris for a time, the principal outcome of the French Revolution of 1789 was that the bourgeoisie replaced the aristocracy as France’s ruling class. In the U.S., … More →

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Steve Wood’s Warning on Degenerate Proselytism in the Wake of Obergefell

A friend just sent me a newsletter he gets from Steve Wood. It concerns Obergefell v. Hodges and the terrible prospects that wicked bit of judicial activism holds out for our youth. My correspondent is of the opinion that Mr. Wood is one of the few conservative Catholic writers saying correctly that the homosexual movement is a very real threat to our children and grandchildren, who are all potential targets of recruitment because … More →

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‘The Family Under Attack': a Much Needed Guide for the Synod on the Family

Loreto Publications has just published an important and very timely book. The Family Under Attack, written under a pseudonym by a traditional Catholic priest with broad and deep scholarly learning, comes right in time for the second part of the Synod of Bishops on Marriage and the Family, which will take place in October 2015 in Rome. Don Pietro Leone — the author’s nom de … More →

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Rod Dreher on Obergefell and Living as Exiles

Rod Dreher has authored a thoughtful piece for Time on Friday’s horrible SCOTUS decision: Orthodox Christians Must Now Learn To Live as Exiles in Our Own Country. I recommend reading it. He plugs his “Benedict Option,” which is, for all practical purposes, what our little community in the hills of New Hampshire is doing. He also paints a stark picture of the significance of this wicked ruling, … More →

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Catholic Action League Denounces Supreme Court Decision on Same Sex Marriage

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today criticized this morning’s decision by the U. S. Supreme Court in Obergefell v. Hodges, which held that both the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States—ratified in 1868—contained a heretofore undiscovered right to same gender marriage. The five to four decision, written by Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, a … More →

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Considering Catholic Ecclesiology in Some of Its Professedly Progressive Forms

“Catholics today will need heroic virtue — did you hear me? heroic virtue — just to hold on to the Faith, much less to grow more in the Faith and to pass it on intact to our children.” More →

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The Phenomenon of Laudato Si’

The publication of Laudato Si’ has been met with a variety of reactions both positive and negative. “Weighing in” on the contents of the encyclical would be ill-advised for me on a number of counts, so I will not do that. Instead, I will offer my readership seven observations on the phenomenon of Laudato Si’ and some questions it raises on the nature of the … More →

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Respected Urologist Fired for Professional Opinions Opposing Aberrosexual Agenda

Goodbye medical ethics! (Mass Resistance) On March 30, a major Harvard-affiliated hospital in Boston, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), expelled a well-respected urologist from its medical staff because he voiced concerns about the unhealthy nature of homosexual behavior and objected to the hospital’s aggressive promotion of “gay pride” activities. … Through emails to hospital officials and later posting on the hospital’s Intranet system, Dr. … More →

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A Manifesto of Christian Resistance

From Brother Alexis Bugnolo… Originally posted on From Rome: Against perverse and unnatural forms of Marriage TO BE READ FROM ALL THE PULPITS OF AMERICA I, as a disciple of Christ Jesus, hold and believe that the US Supreme Court has no authority to impose Sodom upon America in name of the US Constitution; and that such a judgement would be null/void. For the institution … More →

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In Defense of Rachel Dolezal

This is going to be a very short post. I want to come to the defense of Rachel Dolezal. She’s getting a lot of bad press now because she is a white woman of German and Czech ancestry who says, “I identify as black,” and who called an African-American man her father when he is biologically not so, and who became the president of a local … More →

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After Protests by the Catholic Action League, O. F. M. are M-I-A at ‘Pride’ Festival

Following protests, this year and last year, by the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, the Franciscan Friars of Boston’s Saint Anthony’s Shrine—members of the Holy Name Province of the Order of Friars Minor—apparently decided to forgo, for the first time in several years, a visible presence at the 2015 homosexual pride festival and parade in Boston. In past years, the friars could be seen in videotape coverage of the parade, … More →

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C.J. Doyle on Corruption in the Knights of Columbus

Saint Benedict Center conference speaker and contributer, C.J. Doyle, appeared as a guest on Michael Voris’ “Mic’d Up.” The topic of discussion was the complicity of the leadership of the Knights of Columbus in numerous attacks against Faith and Family. As usual, Joe’s encyclopedic knowledge of his subject makes for a wonderful and informative interview. While some of the rank and file are good Catholic men, … More →

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Action Item: Urge Cardinal O’Malley to Stop Franciscans from Joining Homosexual “PRIDE” Festival 

Boston’s annual homosexual “Pride” parade and festival will occur this Saturday, June 13th. The event is a cauldron of depravity, characterized by indecency, immodesty, lewd and lascivious behavior, exhibitionism, and open displays of sado-masochism, including men in leather masks, dog collars, and chains.  Besides celebrating the rejection of Divine and natural law, it frequently promotes explicitly anti-Catholic themes. Last year’s honorary Grand Marshals were the Sisters … More →

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Persecuting People with Your Victimhood

Has the mad-science laboratory of Political Correctness finally evolved victims into persecutors? Well, of course it has. Anyone paying attention to the news, and seeing bakers, inn-keepers, and others who refuse to serve the homosexual agenda being disenfranchised and legally pilloried knows it is. Given the “progressive” nature of this phenomenon (and “progress” here goes from simply wanting tolerance to demanding conformity), it can only … More →

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The Irish Referendum

Some may have hoped the outcome would be otherwise, but it is difficult to see how anyone could actually expect Irish voters to reject same-sex “marriage”. If there was a surprise about the outcome it was that the “Yes” votes were not higher than 67 percent. I expected something nearer to 75 percent. But, then, my view of Irish Catholicism, and especially its historically dominating … More →

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