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Christendom no longer exists, but, nevertheless, Catholics must be active members of their respective societies and agents of justice in a world bereft of moral values. We must know history, not merely current events. European history, after the conversion of the nations, was the history of the Church. This history is certainly important to know. But, as Americans, we cannot afford to be ignorant of our own history. The virtue of patriotism, which is actually a natural manifestation of the supernatural gift of piety, demands that we have an appreciation for whatever is good in the history of this land of ours, not just after 1776, but since events were recorded here. The virtue of patriotism also obligates us to recognize the sins of our nation. “My country right or wrong,” is an evil axiom that changes patriotism into self-adulating nationalism.

As Catholics, we ought to be justly concerned about world events, especially about the persecution of the Church that is going on in other countries. Advantage ought to be taken of the many good Catholic outlets of information that are available today. Our website is a good source of the news that counts. From our religious perspective, we are able to bypass the useless information and disinformation that fills the major media, and provide the news that affects our lives as members of the Church militant. If it doesn’t help anyone sub specie aeternitatis (under the aspect of eternity) we don’t post it.

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Marriage Vote in Ireland

For Immediate Release Friends of Ireland Warn of Dangers To Religious Freedom In Yes Vote On Marriage Referendum Pro-Life and Pro-Family friends of Ireland in the United States today are sending a message of caution to the Irish people about the potential dangers to religious freedom in the Irish Republic, which could result from a change in the traditional definition of marriage. Irish citizens will … More →

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The Suffocation of a Managed Political-Ecclesiastical Glossary

It was almost three months after the raids of 11 September 2001 against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and yet the language of public discourse was still swollen and fevered. On many fronts one could not easily block out the strident and intrusive sounds and shifting images of alarm, mounting fear, and an obscurely expanding war — for, we were incessantly told “America … More →

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A Misleading ‘Survey’ from a Liberal Demagogue

Ann McLane Kuster, as her online bio says, “was elected to the United States Congress to represent New Hampshire’s 2nd District in November 2012, and was sworn into office on January 3, 2013.” Probably because I wrote her office at some time or another, I get her emails. She is rabidly pro-baby-killing. She is also on record as a supporter of the Gomorrean abomination of … More →

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Pamela Geller Dares the Jihadi Devil

The neoconservative warhawk Pamela Geller did what all great strategists in the history of armed conflict would recommend — from Sun Tzu to Thucydides to B. H. Liddell Hart: she organized a cartoon drawing contest to mock what is most sacred to her enemy in an effort to show the moral superiority of her people over that enemy. Brilliant. If Ms. Geller cannot be commended for prudence or fortitude, she … More →

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The Armenian Genocide

Since little media attention was paid in this country to the anniversary, most readers may be barely aware, if aware at all, that it was a hundred years ago last month that the rulers of Turkey in 1915-16 began a campaign of deportations and killings that nearly exterminated the Armenians, the first of the world’s peoples to become Christian. About two million Armenians lived in … More →

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The Conflict Between the North and the South–A Book Review

Volume I – The North and the South and Secession: Who was in the Right? An Examination of Cause and Right Adam Miller is a brave man to tackle this touchy subject — the American Civil War, or (more correctly) the War Between the States, or (as he prefers) the War of Northern Aggression. As he explains, it cannot correctly be called a “civil” war, … More →

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The Origins of Political Correctness

Someone just referred me to this video. While I do not agree with Mr. Whittle’s comments about the South, Tsarist Russia, or the wonders of Capitalism or industrialism, I do think he has done the very important service of showing, in a clear and concise way, the connection of the Marxist Frankfurt School to some of our present social ills. Right now, as racial tensions are … More →

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Episcopal Clergyman Insults Catholics on Good Friday

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today criticized the Associate Rector of Boston’s historic Trinity Church, the Rev. William W. Rich, for insulting Catholics on Good Friday. During the church’s annual “Stations of the City” walk, while stopped in front of the Central Reform Temple of Boston, Rev. Rich asserted to his followers that in the past, some Catholics murdered Jews on Good Friday. Rich offered … More →

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Cui Bono?

War is terrible, especially in modern time when Christian standards that used to regulate its conduct are no longer observed. When it threatens it is desirable to ask: Cui bono? Who benefits? When the Prime Minister of Israel addressed the U.S. Congress on March 3 it was obvious, but what about Ukraine? As these lines were written in real time reports were beginning to circulate … More →

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Catholic Action League Questions Parade Organizers’ Naiveté

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today is reacting with skepticism to claims by Brian Mahoney, Commander of the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council—the organizers of Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade—that the veterans, in approving the application to march of Boston Pride, were actually unaware that it was one of the state’s leading homosexual advocacy organizations. In a column in the March 19th SOUTHBOSTONTODAY, portions … More →

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C.J. Doyle Interviewed on Mic’d Up

(ChurchMilitant.TV) In this week’s episode of Mic’d Up, guest host Christine Niles takes a hard look at the goings on in the archdiocese of New York. Guests include C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League, Paul McGregor from Holy Innocents Parish, and Church Militant’s own Michael Voris reporting from New York City. The interview begins a little over four minutes into the program. Christine Niles … More →

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VICTORY: Knights of Columbus drop out of “pro-gay” Boston St. Patrick’s Parade after massive outrage from traditional Catholics

(MassResistance) Today we saw the triumph of resolute religious believers over the homosexual lobby. All this week the Massachusetts Knights of Columbus (K of C), a prominent Catholic mens’ organization, repeatedly vowed that they would “absolutely, definitely” march in the newly “gay-inclusive” Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday. But the group finally bowed to the intense pressure from traditional Catholics. At 3:32 pm on Friday afternoon … More →

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Send a Message to the Knights of Columbus: Don’t Dishonor St. Patrick!

Last December, in a shocking defeat for Catholic religious freedom rights, a minority on the board of the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council—the organizers of Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade—dispossessed the majority, surrendered to political pressure orchestrated by Mayor Martin Walsh, and agreed to permit a homosexual group to march in the 2015 parade. In doing so, this minority dishonored themselves, discarded a hard fought, … More →

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Can You Find Armenia on a Map?

Americans are sometimes justly accused of wanting to intervene in the affairs of nations they cannot pick out on a map. Armenia has been in the Catholic news lately, and in the secular news as well, because of the coming centenary of the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Turks. All of which leads me to ask the question: Can you find Armenia on a … More →

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Catholic School Band Withdraws from Parade Dishonoring St. Patrick

The Catholic Action League of Massachusetts today commended the administrators, teachers, and students of Immaculate Heart of Mary School for withdrawing their float and band from Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. In December, a minority of the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council—the organizers of the parade—invited a homosexual group specifically contrived for this controversy, OUTVETS, to march, and gave them permission to carry signs and banners identifying their … More →

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