Father Michael Rodriguez Hits the Jackpot

Father Michael Rodriguez, the manly, priestly, zealous Mexican cleric of the El Paso Diocese, has given an interview to Michael Matt. It’s a little peek into the steely soul of a staunch alter-Christus whose defense of marriage has brought him much publicity and a storm of hatred from the enemies of the Church. In a very matter-of-fact way, Father Rodriguez refers positively to “the quest of traditional Catholics to restore the Cross, the Mass, the kingship of Jesus Christ, and true Catholic doctrine, outside of which there is no salvation” (emphasis mine).

It is not a surprise, but it is a consolation, that the priest who has distinguished himself as a defender of the law of nature is also a defender of the law of supernature, including the necessity of Christ’s Church. ¡Viva Cristo Rey! ¡Viva Padre Rodriguez!

  • Clinton

    May Our Lord Jesus bless this faithful servant. The Holy Catholic Church will persevere against the Gates of Hell as long as priests like Fr. Michael are around. May Our Blessed Mother pray for him and all faithful priests. +JMJ+

  • Eugene DeLalla

    This is such a wonderful story of Faith and perseverance. Was it the Cure of Ars that the demon said that if there were a dozen like him, hell would surely be defeated? Stand fast, Fr. Rodriguez!

  • ED

    I sent SBC material to this wonderful devout priest, i’m glad he has taken it to heart!!

  • diane wyder

    thank you brother andre marie for this article. Yes, father michael rodriguez IS a courageous priests and yes we need more like him. Our Lady asks us not to judge or criticize any priests because they all have been chosen by God and they are very dear to her heart. True. At the same time Our Lady will crush the serpent’s head and I believe father michael rodriguez is helping her do just that. I do pray for all priests always. Our Lady Queen of Peace, majko moja, pray for us! Saint Michael the Archangel pray for us! Precious Blood of Jesus, save us!

  • Astrid Terrazas

    Father Rodriguez is a true heroe, He fights for Jesus Christ and His Church and he will not give up the battle.  We all need t o follow in his example and defend the Family, Holy Matrimony, and our beloved Traditional Latin Mass

  • ED

    Kudos! to this successor of the Christeros on this side of the border now!

  • father joe colletti

    Father Mike is a true CAtholic Priest, a Traditional Catholic Priest faithful to Sacred Tradition and the Sacred Teachings, the Doctrine and practice of the HOly Catholic Church. How awesome it is to see, to hear and to learn of a true, faithful priest dedicated to God, to Christ and His Church and not to the Vatican II Church filled with ambiguities from its documents, confusion and the spirit of Vatican II, an outright destruction of the CAtholic Church, the Roman Rite of Holy Mass and its pastoral practices of long standing tradition. My prayers for Father Miguel, and may his courageous and outstanding priestly example be a pentecostal fire for all of us priests set ablaze to renew the HOly Catholic Church in the way the Lord Jesus sincerely desires.
    fr joe