Martin Luther: ‘A True Heretic’

The words are not mine, but the Pope’s. In his bull condemning the errors of Martin Luther, Exurge Domine, Pope Leo X described his subject as “one whose faith is notoriously suspect and in fact a true heretic.” Yet Catholics are not ashamed to speak well of this heresiarch who wrought such havoc in Christendom. Those interested in Catholic-Lutheran exchanges can read a little back-and-forth between a Protestant pastor and me that appears at the bottom of my article, The Epistle of Straw. The pastor sought to defend Luther from the things I had said against him. 

Rorate Caeli published a serialized piece on Luther that readers may find worthwhile:

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  • Gregory

    I think it demonstrates that many in positions of authority in the Church have lost their faith. Their opinions are based on political correctness, not Sacred Scripture or Sacred Tradition.

  • Sharon Newman

    Luther was wicked, He didn’t want to conform to the strictness of the church so he sought to have his own Church. His ego and pride took over . he went on to marry a nun!!

  • Rarau Claudiu

    If Martin Luther is a heretic, then surely Roman Catholics are the synagogue of Satan!

  • Joanie

    Rarau, Would you mind explaining that remark?

  • Alyosha Karamazov

    Yes, I, too, would like to know what gnostic logic lurks in your mysterious conditional proposition, Rarau.

  • Rarau Claudiu

    Well, read the Babylonian Captivity of the Church written by Martin Luther and you will understand.

  • Rarau Claudiu

    Martin Luther already explained in the Babylonian Captivity of the Church.

  • Alyosha Karamazov

    I’m not allowed to view pornography, and the ravings of the fornicating friar, who changed his religion as he went along, counts as that in my book.

  • GeneDe

    Also, I understand that the toilet got a good workout — that’s where he came up some of his theological speculations!

  • Rarau Claudiu

    why is speculation?

    Because it is based only on Holy Scripture and not on the popes and councils?

  • GeneDe

    Dear friend, Luther was a troubled gent. From the beginning: His mother, “on account of an insignificant nut, beat me till the blood
    flowed, and it was this harshness and severity of the life I led with
    them that forced me subsequently to run away to a monastery and become a monk.”

    Ultimately, he could not “deal” with authority, specifically, the authority that Christ Himself gave to His church, i.e., to teach and baptize all nations; those that believe and are baptized, will be saved, those who believe not, will be condemned.

    That authority extended to the Apostles and their successors. E.g., the power to forgive sins (you can look up the Scripture verses that prove this); the necessity of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the Savior in order to have life in us (I’ll give you that one: St. John, Chp. 6. Also, look up what St. Paul says re the Eucharist).

    He did not want to obey the Vicar of Christ, yes, the pope, just as Lucifer did not want to serve, and was cast into hell. Sadly, Luther had dragged tens of millions of others into the abyss with him over the centuries.

    Luther’s “faith alone” was/is a false doctrine. The Bible itself proves this!

    Catholic teaching includes Scripture and Tradition (notice, not the “traditions of men”, condemned by Our Lord), but sacred Tradition.

    I’m hitting on many subjects here, but in essence, poor Luther apostatized from the one, true faith and church founded by the Savior.

    Of course you know that Luther was an Augustinian friar, a Catholic priest, right?

    Take care.