Meriam Abrahim Released, Meets with Pope Francis, Pray for Asia Bibi

Meanwhile Catholic mother Asia Bibi languishes in a putrid cell in Pakistan with no international outrage. She has no money. Other than the valiant French journalist Anne-Isabelle Tollett, Asia Bibi has no voice. She was just a worker for slave wages whose appeal to Rome apparently had no effect. Wonderful news about Meriam Abrahim, and for her and her family we should rejoice. No doubt she will come to New Hampshire soon, God willing. Perhaps she will be a voice for Asia Bibi.

CNA:  A young Sudanese woman dismissed of a death sentence for refusing to renounce her Christian faith has arrived to Rome with her family, where they met with Pope Francis shortly after arriving.

“Pope Francis was very tender with her, her husband, who was in prison, and thanked her for her testimony,” Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi said of the encounter in a July 24 statement.

Describing the meeting between the young family and the Roman Pontiff as “very serene and affectionate,” Fr. Lombardi explained that for him encounter, which took place in the Pope’s residence at the Vatican’s Saint Martha guesthouse, was “a gesture of closeness and solidarity for those who suffer for their faith.” More on this here.