NY Mayor, Emperor Bloomberg, Bans Food Donations to Homeless Shelters

I am speechless! Where do these heartless little Caesars come from? Where did a mayor get such power? To take food away from the homeless, decent food — not for healthnixs to be sure — but healthnixs are not starving. The food police have not only arrived, they are enforcing richly modified menus that no one will donate and, even if they did, would leave the hungry with empty stomachs. What’s next? Ban air conditioners in homeless shelters that are not government issue? I mean, that freon in  the air may kill you. So, die on the street in the heat; starve you miserable wretches, you embarrass the fine city of NY. Wait a minute, we have a better idea; stay alive. Your friendly government will be building more prisons from higher tax revenues. You can go to prison for the crime of vagrancy in a couple of years and eat healthy, nutritional beans, fruits, and salads. Don’t say we don’t love you folks!

CBS NY: Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s foodpolice have struck again! Outlawed are food donations to homeless shelters because the city can’t assess their salt, fat and fiber content, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer. Read more here.


  • John

    The real problem here is that the natural response that God meant we human beings to deliver, a response of holy hatred and holy anger, probably will not happen.  Just what do what do these immoral slobs have to fear as long as we have priests (and traditionalist priests as well) selling us cheap platitudes in place of the solemn challenge of the Gospel. 

    HATE THE SIN BUT LOVE THE SINNER!  (One of the great platitudes that Jesus should have said.)

  • GeneDe

    Know too that Bloomberg is a big, and I mean a big spender, but not where the poor and hungry are concerned.  Oh, no, but a big spender when it comes to supporting the radical culture of death in the form of tons of money to “planned” “parenthood.”  Also, a big supporter of the mad homosexualist agenda.   This billionaire is a most bizarre and, quite frankly, dangerous to those who adhere to the Natural Law.   That is an understatement!   I feel that he and Gov. Cuomo are two peas in a pod.