“We don’t do religion.” Press Officer Interrupts Pro Soccer Player’s Response to Rosary Bead Question

I am always happy to find good current Catholic interest stories to post. This CNA report is definitely one. When England soccer striker Wayne Rooney married Coleen McLoughlin they gave a gift of rosary beads to all their guests. The full story is here.I am sure that American Catholic soccer stars Antonio Soave, of Catholic Athletes for Christ (he was coaching the University of Steubenville team in recent years) and Chase Hilgenbrinck would be impressed. Illinois native Hilgenbrinck played four years for Chile before signing with the New England Revolution in 2008. After playing just one year with the Rev Chase chose to pursue another vocation, the priesthood. After the season ended he entered Mount St. Mary’s Seminary in Emmitsburg, Md.

In an interview with the Boston Herald Hilgenbrinck said:

“After years of discernment, I feel strongly that the Lord has called me to become a priest in the Catholic Church. Playing professional soccer has been my passion for a long time and I feel blessed to have successfully lived out this dream. My passion now is to do the will of God, which is wanting only what He wants for me. Though I will miss the game of soccer, I know that I am moving on to something much greater.”

“I felt called to something greater,” Hilgenbrinck added. “At one time I thought that call might be professional soccer. In the past few years, I found my soul is hungry for something else. I discerned, through prayer, it was calling me to the Catholic Church. I do not want this call to pass me by.”

“It’s not that I’m ready to leave soccer. I still have a great passion for the game. I wouldn’t leave the game for just any other job. I’m moving on for the Lord. I want to do the will of the Lord, I want to do what he wants for me, not what I want to do for myself.” You can read more about Chase Hilgenbrinck here.