2 17 Year Old Filipinos, One a Martyr, on Road to Sainthood

Aleteia, Peter Kosloski: Born in the Visayan Islands of the Philippines during the 17th century, Pedro Calungsod eventually traveled to Guam, where his zeal for the Christian faith was put to good use. He was willing to do anything to serve Christ and his Church, even if it meant giving up his life. Story is here.

Aleteia, Larry Peterson: And the other, Darwin Ramos, was born in the slums of Pasay City on the outskirts of Manila, in the Philippines. He was given the name Darwin Ramos; the date was December 17, 1994. Darwin’s family lived an impoverished existence. His mom was a laundrywoman and his father was a hopeless alcoholic.  As soon as Darwin was old enough, his father had him and his younger sister, Marimar, scouring the nearby trash heaps for items to sell. The children were not sent to school. Read story here.