2007 SBC Conference News

Update (3/1/2007): The Conference now has its own web site: http://www.sbcconference.com/

Further updates will be added to the new site. This page (https://www.catholicism.org/2007-conference.html) will be only temporarily maintained.

Update (2/28/2007). Mr. C. Joseph Doyle has been confirmed as a speaker and added to our list.

The next Saint Benedict Center Conference is scheduled for August 17 to 19, 2007. Help us spread the word by telling your friends about this important event.

This year, there will be a change of venue. We are holding the conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Further details on speakers, theme, etc., will be made available as planning progresses. Please mark your calendars and plan on coming!

Theme: Conforming our Minds to Reality: Truth, History, and the Present State of Affairs.

Speakers (partial list):

Fr. Brian Harrison, O.S., M.A., S.T.D. Professor at the Pontifical University of Puerto Rico, Associate Editor of the Living Tradition.
Dr. Raymond Marcin — Professor at Catholic University of America’s Columbia School of Law.
Dr. Robert Hickson — Retired Professor, Joint Special Operations University, U.S. Special Operations Command; Retired Professor, U.S. Air Force Academy; Former Green Beret.
Mr. Gary Potter — Historian, Journalist, Essayist, Author of After the Boston Heresy Case and In Reaction.
Mr. C. Joseph Doyle — Catholic Apologist, Executive Director of the Catholic Action League.
Mr. Gregory Lloyd, M.A. — Executive Director of the National Coalition of Clergy and Laity.
Mr. John Sharpe — Publisher, Distributist scholar, Founder and President of IHS Press.
Br. André Marie, M.I.C.M. — Prior, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Richmond, N.H.

More speakers will be listed as arrangements are made… . Check http://www.sbcconference.com/ for updated information.