A Priest’s Account of the Passion of Theresa Neumann

Many years ago, in Massachusetts somewhere south of Boston, I entered a place of business and spoke to the owner. When I saw Catholic prayer cards on his desk I asked him about his Faith. He was happy to talk about it. He told me that when he was in the service he visited Theresa Neumann in Konnersreuth, Bavaria, after the Allies’ victory in 1945. He was even privileged to witness her passion on a Friday. He had a portfolio with successive photographs of every phase of the passion as she experienced it. I will never forget viewing those photos. The stigmatist was covered with blood as she grimaced and sighed under the pain. In the final photo taken at 3:00 pm there was no trace of blood at all. Theresa Neumann, he told me, loved the American GIs. When they came into her house, he said, she would lift a chair and set it down for each of them, so anxious was this humble saint to serve them.

Mystics of the Church: The following eyewitness account comes from an American priest, Rev Linus Michael Schrems (1899-1979), who was a military captain and chaplain in the US Army during World War II. His testimony was given to me through the kindness of his nephew, Mr. John Pat Stapleton. I would like to thank Mr. Stapleton for sharing this wonderful account from his Uncle. May God bless him and his loved ones. -Glenn Dallaire. Account is here.