Abberosexualism in State and Church

I. The political Left is reacting with hysteria to impending plans by the administration of President Donald J. Trump to reverse the arbitrary and dishonest interpretation of federal law, contrived by the Obama administration, to include so-called “gender identity” in U. S. civil rights protections.

Congress has never passed any law prohibiting discrimination based on either sexual orientation or gender identity. Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 forbids educational institutions which receive federal aid from discriminating against persons based upon their sex. The very idea that a person could be  “transgendered” was unknown when the legislation was enacted.

This did not prevent he Obama administration, with its contempt for the legislative process, and its outlandishly expansive view of executive branch regulatory authority, from reinterpreting Title IX to mean that sex actually includes sexual identity. Obama, unlawfully, altered the scope and meaning of the statute without an act of Congress. The Trump administration is making the modest and common sense proposal to return Title IX to the original understanding of its legislative authors.

On Monday, October 22, Michael Levenson of The Boston Globe contacted the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts for a comment on the Trump proposal. In a story on October 23rd, the Globe quoted me as saying that “the Trump administration plan would restore the longstanding definition of gender after the Obama administration’s manifestly fraudulent interpretation of Title IX, which was never intended to protect transgender rights when it was passed by Congress in 1972.”

I was also quoted stating “I think federal policy ought to conform to reality, and the Trump administration ought to be commended there,” adding that government should not “recognize a subjective and arbitrary claim of gender change.”

II. I was also interviewed on October 22nd by Steve Jordahl of American Family Radio on the third public statement of Archbishop Carlo Vigano, where he clearly identified “the scourge of homosexuality” as the source of clerical sexual abuse and the cause of the current crisis in the Church. I called Vigano’s statement “accurate and unassailable,” and went on to characterize it as powerful, compelling and courageous. The story, including my remarks, was published on October 22nd on the AFR website, One News Now.

Note: Feature image courtesy of Natural News.