ADL’s Foxman: Christ the King ‘unAmerican’

Abraham Foxman, the pro-abortion, head of the ADL, recently proclaimed Our Lord Jesus Christ the King to be unAmerican. Religion, specifically Rick Santorum’s Catholic religion, has no place in American politics, according to Mr. Foxman. In a confused statement, the ADL proclaimed that “Senator Santorum’s remark comparing himself to a ‘Jesus candidate’ was inappropriate and exclusionary.” The organization went on to defend the religious rights of candidates, within certain poorly defined limits:

The League has long maintained that candidates should feel comfortable explaining their religious convictions to voters, but that there is a point at which an emphasis on religion in a political campaign becomes inappropriate and even unsettling. [Emphasis mine.]

Apparently there is a moral obligation on candidates not to exceed the ADL’s arbitrary “point at which an emphasis on religion in a political campaign becomes inappropriate and even unsettling.”

Many questions need to be answered here, especially about that inappropriate and unsettling point where Christianity must keep to its place: Is that point when the Holy Name of Jesus is mentioned in public discourse? Is that point when Christian principles are going to drive the candidate’s policy, perhaps on abortion, marriage, just war doctrine, laws protecting the integrity of the family, etc.? To what degree is a Christian allowed to mention the Holy Name of God almighty in stump speeches and interviews? The ADL is an organization specializing in fighting “anti-Semitism … hatred, prejudice and bigotry”; presuming that Mr. Foxman sees his denunciation of this Catholic political candidate as part of his organization’s mission, does this mean that it is anti-Semitic, hateful, prejudiced, or bigoted to mention the Most Holy Name of Jesus?

Pray for the conversion of Abraham Foxman. He is a baptized Catholic who renounced Christ and his baptism.