Bishop: ‘Politically correct Christianity will die’

Bishop Hilarion of Vienna and Austria, the Orthodox representative to the WCC, had this to say, sending shivers from Geneva all the way to London:

“Our role is not to protect Sharia law [a swipe at Canterbury’s Rowan Williams], to glorify an alternative style of behavior or to preach secular values. Our sacred mission is to announce what Christ announced, to teach what his disciples taught,” Bishop Hilarion said at the opening of a session of the World Council of Churches (WCC)’s Central Committee in Geneva.


‘Politically correct Christianity will die. We have already been watching the process of liberal Christianity’s gradual decline as newly introduced moral norms lead to splits, discrepancies and confusion in several Christian communities,’ the bishop said.

It’s nice to see a bishop, albeit one in schism, tell it like it is. When Russia wakes up and embraces her Catholic vocation, I hope he’s still on board. The full story is on the Interfax site.