Blessed Charles the Good (1124)

He was the son of Saint Canute, King of Denmark, and was called “the Good” because of his outstanding Catholic virtues. He was martyred in a Catholic church in Bruges. Noted Catholic saints killed in Catholic churches by enemies of the Faith include:

– Saint Canute, father of Blessed Charles the Good, martyred at the foot of the altar, just after he had received Holy Communion.

– Saint Matthew the Apostle, who was martyred at the altar in Ethiopia for supporting Saint Iphigenia, when she refused to marry her father’s successor, King Hirtacus, after Saint Matthew had raised her from the dead and dedicated her, with a group of young virgins, to live the life of a nun.

– Saint Boniface, the apostle of Germany, martyred as he started Mass.

Blessed Charles the Good

Blessed Charles the Good

– Saint Thomas a Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury, in England, who was murdered in his cathedral as he knelt at prayer.

– Saint Anthony Daniel, one of the eight North American martyrs, who was tomahawked by Indians after he had received from his chalice the Precious Blood of Jesus.

– Saint Stephen I, Pope, who was killed in the catacombs as he went to sit on his chair at the end of the Mass he had just said.