Boston Globe Calls Catholic Beliefs ‘Ignominious’

The following is a Catholic Action League of Massachusetts news release…

An article in yesterday’s Boston Globe celebrates the participation of Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey—a partnered lesbian—in Boston’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.

The news story, which read more like an opinion column, said Healey’s presence was “a sign of how far the parade has moved on from its ignominious history.”

This was an unmistakable reference to the principled resistance from faithful Catholics in the Allied War Veterans Council—who organized the parade—to the event being exploited as a propaganda platform by homosexual groups which scorn, despise and reject the moral code of Saint Patrick’s religion.

The article went on to complain that “as late as 2017,” there was still opposition to homosexual messaging in the parade.

Another Globe article reported that participants in the annual South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day Breakfast devoted much of their alleged humor to mocking the pro-life former Chairman of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee, Jim Lyons.

Michelle Wu, Boston’s Planned Parenthood endorsed Mayor, said, sarcastically, “I propose Jim Lyons Day for his unparalleled contribution, helping us drive all the Republicans out of the State House.”

Massachusetts Senate President Karen Spilka, a pro-abortion non-Catholic, used the event, named for the Apostle of Ireland, to derisively suggest that the conservative Catholic Lyons was “getting ready for his new job making license plates at Walpole”—the maximum security state prison.

Lyons, ironically, was the last Irish Catholic in the Commonwealth, to hold a position of state wide political leadership, who actually supported the moral teachings of Saint Patrick’s Catholic Faith.

Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle made the following comment: “The triumphalist tone of the callous bigots who authored the Globe article on the parade confirms what we have long known.”

“The parade controversy was never really about admitting homosexual marchers to the event. Why would practitioners of sodomy, who repudiate Christian morality, and castigate that morality as hatred and homophobia, want to celebrate the Catholic heritage of Ireland?”

“It was always about forcing Catholics to set aside their values and submit to homosexual ideology. It was about using the parade to mainstream public acceptance of homosexuality. It was, as we said thirty years ago, about imposing a discordant, anti-Catholic message on a parade in honor of a Catholic saint.”

“Meanwhile, the Saint Patrick’s Day Breakfast has become a forum for apostates and non-Catholics to insult one of the last sons of Saint Patrick who has not betrayed the Faith of his Baptism.”

“These events should remind us that our Bay State political class is hideously depraved and systemically corrupt. Christians should consider ways and means to escape from the repulsive kakistocracy which rules us.”

“Amidst all of this, no public defense of the Christian character of Saint Patrick’s Day has been heard from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston.”