Boston Mayor Marty Walsh Meets with Pope Francis

The Mayor of Boston, Martin Walsh, travelled to the Vatican this week to participate in a conference on climate change and human trafficking, where he met with Pope Francis. Walsh later spoke with reporters about his sense of spirituality and his admiration for the Pontiff.

Walsh is a proponent of legal abortion, the distribution condoms to minors in the public schools, and same gender so-called marriage. As a state representative, he was instrumental in defeating a Protection of Marriage Amendment in the Legislature. Last year, he reportedly threatened and shouted obscenities, in public, at an official of the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council because of the group’s refusal to admit self identified practitioners of sodomy into the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. He recently hailed the referendum repudiating Catholicism in Ireland.

As long as defectors like Walsh are given platforms and honors by the Church (In addition to the papal invitation, Walsh was recently given an award by an archdiocesan agency headed by the Cardinal), no sane person can reasonably be expected to take seriously Catholic opposition to either abortion or the homosexual claim to marriage. Moreover, and more dangerously, uninformed Catholics may support collaborators like Walsh, believing them to be loyal sons of the Church. It is a grave scandal, the responsibility for which rests with our prelates.