C.J. Doyle: ‘An Appeal to Defend Our Churches’

As violent revolutionaries commit mayhem throughout our country, unrestrained by negligent or complicit local authorities, our churches and religious monuments have become the objects of physical attacks.

Since May, there have been more than three dozen episodes of arson and vandalism directed against Catholic institutions nationwide. Churches have been burned, statues have been smashed, and both have been defaced by graffiti.

There have been six such incidents in Massachusetts in 2020, five in the last month. The 22 such incidents in this state since 2016 represent a 500% increase over the previous four year period.

Inexplicably, the response of the Archdiocese of Boston to these crimes has been anemic, minimalist and non-committal. The reaction has ranged from “the case of a troubled soul” to “we are monitoring the situation” to “we will withhold comment for now.”

With the Archdiocese ducking interview requests, the news media, understandably, has turned to the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts for information and answers.

The League is the only organization in New England which records, documents and tabulates these incidents. We are also the only Catholic group to call them what they are, hate crimes, and demand that the perpetrators be prosecuted and incarcerated for civil rights violations.

In the last four weeks, the League has been in the national and local media at least 37 times. Our national media coverage has included The Washington Times, Fox and Friends, The Federalist, and the Daily Caller.

We have been in The Boston Globe and Boston Herald multiple times, and have been interviewed by four Boston television stations.

We are the only Catholic group fighting back.

Please help us! We need your support to continue our work.

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