Cardinal Müller under Fire for Defending Marriage

ROME, May 1, 2015 ( – Pope Francis’ top advisor on Catholic doctrine is coming under attack as he continues to defend the Church’s teaching on marriage, family, and sexuality amid a campaign by a “progressive” faction of prelates.

On March 29, the French Catholic daily newspaper, La Croix, published an interview with Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In this important interview, Cardinal Müller explained once more the CDF’s position on the question of a possible loosening of the Church’s moral teaching concerning the admittance of “remarried” divorcees to the Sacraments, especially Holy Communion. Müller declared:

It is impossible to have two wives. If the first union is valid, it is not possible to enter into a second one at the same time. A path of penitence is possible, but not a second union. The only possibility is to return to the first, legitimate union, or to live in the second union as brother and sister: that is the Church’s position, in agreement with the will of Jesus. I would add that it is always possible to try and obtain an annulment from an ecclesiastical tribunal.

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