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Upcoming events, special promotions, news from Saint Benedict Center and our apostolate: all these could be announced in this area of our site.

New Comments Policy

When we began the new on the WordPress platform, the default settings for comments was as follows: as soon as someone had one comment approved, he was “in the club,” so to speak. All of his subsequent comments were … Continue reading

The Denouement

Since our announcement about Brother Francis’ health, our venerable Superior has had many visitors. Family from Canada and Ohio have joined friends and relations from the New England states coming to say their good-byes. A Benedictine Abbot and a retired … Continue reading

Copyright and Sharing

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – Share Alike License. What does this mean? All the material on our site is copy written, with some rights reserved.* Except in those articles … Continue reading