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Upcoming events, special promotions, news from Saint Benedict Center and our apostolate: all these could be announced in this area of our site.

Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus Forum

There is a new online forum for discussion of the dogma and related issues. It’s called the Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus Forum. While it’s not a part of Saint Benedict Center’s apostolate, it looks like the folks there are more … Continue reading

Christmas Letter, 2010

To our Tertiaries, Benefactors, and Friends, On a recent trip to Rome, where I was privileged to be present at the canonization of my patron, Saint André Bessette, the brothers took a tour of St. Clement’s Church, a truly ancient … Continue reading

On Pilgrimage

Members of the IHM and St. Joseph Brigades are in our respective caravans headed to Lake George, NY. Tomorrow, bright and early, we will meet up with the other brigades and begin the Pilgrimage for Restoration. We will keep all … Continue reading

New Look for the Ad Rem

My email newsletter has a new look. We’re operating it on updated software, but all previous subscribers have been migrated to the improved system. NOTE: Because of the strict anti-spamming parameters of some Internet providers, we are sending text-only versions … Continue reading

The Holy Unia Blog

I would like to bring to the attention of our readers a new blog — new to me, anyway — called The Holy Unia Blog. It’s an Eastern-Rite and pro-extra ecclesiam nulla salus blog that is “Promoting Holy Unia. Rejecting … Continue reading