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No Escaping the Threes

Reminiscing over the days when I would spend hours at a time leisurely listening to Brother Francis teach and asking him questions, I thought of the countless times we played the numbers game. Brother loved to make all studies as … Continue reading

Mary Mary, Quite Military

From the pen of the intrepid Dom Guéranger, that monkish powerhouse of Catholic piety and erudition, comes this brief rundown of the two battles in whose memory the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary was gratefully instituted: Manicheism, revived … Continue reading

The First Conclave

A peculiar time it was for the Church in the latter part of the thirteenth century. No, there was no shortage of saints, or great theologians, philosophers, inventors, and good rulers; they were plentiful, but for almost three years there … Continue reading

The Faith All But Dead in Quebec

O Canada! In “Neither practising nor believing, but Catholic even so,” we learn of the tragic state of the Church in Quebec. The article summary reads: “The ‘baptized pagans’ of Quebec, the most secularized society in the Western world, have … Continue reading

O Blessed Truculence!

There are those who consider us at truculent for wishing to convert our nation to the true faith. Such talk nowadays is not exactly au courant. Neither does it resonate sympathetic vibrations with the ascendancy of the liberal Comintern … Continue reading