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Conserving Something or Other

Over at Taki’s Magazine, Charles Coulombe playfully takes readers on a fast-paced romp through the unfamiliar (for most people) political spectrum of what is called “Paleoconservatism.” His article, The Old Paleos and the New, seeks to explain the contrasts and … Continue reading

In Defense of Father Oprah

There is not much one can say in defense of a charismatic, celebrity-priest who violates his promise of clerical celibacy, resists correction, uses his superstar status to bash Church discipline, and then responds favorably to a crass church-hopping invitation from … Continue reading

The Right Thing To Do

Our government is now granting homosexual paramours of US diplomatic personnel the same benefits as lawful spouses. I’m sure nobody’s falling over at the news; I certainly am not. What did raise my philosophical eye-brow to half-mast, however, was Madam … Continue reading