Category: Literature and Poetry

Autumn Reveries

Mellow-faced, with eyes of faery, wistful clad in tinted leaves, See the brown October tarry by the golden rows of sheaves; Oak & acorn in his garland, fruit & wineskin in his hands, Mystic pilgrim from a far land down … Continue reading

Evelyn Waugh’s The Loved One

While recently re-reading—after almost forty-five years—Evelyn Waugh’s The Loved One, his piercing 1948 novel set in the United States—in Southern California, in and around Los Angeles and Hollywood—I gratefully came to realize for the first time the deep and purifying … Continue reading


Whenever the bright blue nails would drop Down on the floor of his carpenter shop, Saint Joseph, prince of carpenter men, Would stoop to gather them up again; For he feared for two little sandals sweet, And very easy to … Continue reading

The Feckless Fathers

As feckless fathers watch the game Their wives attempt to be the men. But woman’s heart and woman’s frame Cannot be truly masculine. As feckless fathers say the Mass, From ministers in mini-skirts Epistle sounds, Communions pass To hapless boys … Continue reading