Category: Literature and Poetry

The Three Births

His birth in time transpired thus At Beth’lem’s midnight manger Where Joseph’s toil made all things well, Kept maiden spouse from danger. He forth from blessed womb did come As light through crystal streaming, Sans blight on Virgin’s radiance, True … Continue reading

Sons of Gods

Phaeton his father’s fiery chariot could not guide, But reckless, hapless, frenzied, destructive, set earth aflame. He, light from light and living Fire from His Father leaping, Brightens minds, kindles wills, and glorifies God’s holy Name.

Savoring Reality

This paper was written for a Festschrift in honor of Dr. Robert Hickson. It was intended to be a loving tribute to my superior, teacher, mentor, and friend, Brother Francis Maluf, M.I.C.M. Savoring Reality: An Introduction to the Childlike Catholic Mind … Continue reading