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Alternative news sources for secular news. Here is a list of online news sources that don’t reheat the standard New-York-Times-CNN-BostonGlobe-HuffPo-etc-etc-approved version of what goes on in the world. We in no way endorse the editorial policies of these organizations, but neither could we do the same for the common media outlets.

Pope to Enforce University ‘Crackdown’ in US?

There is a worthwhile and informational article in the Washington Post today, discussing expectations that the Holy Father will articulate a tough message against the malfeasance rampant in Catholic institutions of higher learning. The information in the article includes a … Continue reading

Bishop Stands Fast Against Homosexual Movement

Glasgow, Mar 14, 2008 / 06:56 am (CNA).- A Scottish bishop has said that the Catholic Church in Scotland has missed a “huge and well-orchestrated conspiracy” by homosexual activists, the Scotsman reports. Joseph Devine, the Bishop of Motherwell, said the … Continue reading

HLI Calls for Ouster of Notre Dame President

FRONT ROYAL, VA (MARCH 13, 2008) – The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, STL, president of Human Life International, (HLI) today called for the firing of University of Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins, C.S.C., for his approval of the presentation … Continue reading

President Bush Wants Torture

House democrats failed to override President Bush’s veto on an anti-torture bill, so torture techniques could continue being used on terror suspects, and perhaps others, in the future. [Full Story]

Pope Condemns Errors of Enlightenment

Pope Benedict: Hedonistic Secularist Mentality Pervades the Church Leads to “spiritual atrophy” and “emptiness of heart” By Hilary White ROME, March 11, 2008 ( – The secularization that so characterizes many western societies has also found its way into the … Continue reading

Scottish Bishop Gets Tough

Bishop Joseph Devine of Motherwell ended his lecture at St. Alphonsus College in Glasgow by quoting Mel Gibson, or, should I say, William Wallace.  “I’m going to pick a fight.” In a bold effort to wake up the faithful in … Continue reading

Blow Up Your Television

… or at least keep it only for occasional clean movies. The Boy Scouts of America offer this very good article on the benefits to family life that come from ditching TV consumption. Note: Educators I know can easily spot … Continue reading

You Cannot Serve God and Mammon

You get the leaders you choose deserve. It is a deplorable fact that, generally speaking, most “Catholics” who vote, base their ballot selections on the candidate that promises to keep their wallets and pocketbooks fat.

Notre Dame President Approves Filthy Play

The reasons? In a Monday press release, Father Jenkins wrote, “I am well aware that the performance of this play will upset many.” He said it was “particularly painful” for him that Bishop of South Bend-Fort Wayne John D’Arcy and … Continue reading

Perverts Plan to Dishonor Holy Father

Rainbow Sash Movement Plots Papal Protest Gay advocacy group to throw ashes and blow whistles at pope during April US visit By Michael Baggot March 11, 2008 ( – The Rainbow Sash Movement, a homosexual activist group, announced their plans … Continue reading