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The Devil Went Up to New York

Pro-Life country star, Charlie Daniels, takes on Andrew Cuomo on abortion and gun control. (Politicker) Governor Andrew Cuomo may have sky-high approval ratings in the Empire State, but one particular Tennessean is very unenthused with his policy positions on guns … Continue reading

What Have We to Offer?

A month ago this website posted some lines by me in which I lamented that the state of formerly Christian society was fallen so low that probably no more than a half-dozen Americans cared that the Christian interest would not … Continue reading

Liberty, the God That Failed

Review of Liberty, the God That Failed: Policing the Sacred and Constructing the Myths of the Secular State, from Locke to Obama (Angelico Press, 2012) In his first encyclical, Inscrutabili (On the Evils Affecting Modern Society), April 21, 1878, Pope … Continue reading

Sacrum Imperium

Christmas brings all sorts of joy, for all sorts of reasons. Readers of Dom Prosper Gueranger’s Liturgical Year will be reminded in his first volume for the season of three great historical events that took place on Christmas Day — … Continue reading