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American Pornocracy

The United States have never been Catholic — not in any religious, cultural, or political sense. But there was a semblance of natural-law-inspired decency, coming, perhaps, from those bits of Catholicity left in the religiosity of our fellow countrymen. It’s … Continue reading

‘Gay Pride Month’

Here it is almost the end of June and we at have just about ignored Gay Pride Month — almost. So here’s my tribute, now that the month is nearly over. No, I won’t talk about the Pentagon’s “Pride” … Continue reading

Pro-Family Site Censored

The pro-life, pro-family web site, MassResistance, was pulled down thanks to the machinations of a homosexual activist whose misdeeds were documented by the site. (The site is online again, with another hosting company.) MassResistance is headed by Mr. Brian Camenker, … Continue reading

Loving the Lost Cause

Within the last fortnight, I finished reading The Pope’s Legion, Charles Coulombe’s book on the Papal Zouaves. Besides being intelligently written and enjoyable, the book inspires because the subject matter is itself edifying. The Pontifical Zouaves were Blessed Pius IX’s … Continue reading