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Government Issues Warning on Dangers of Sodomy

WASHINGTON — Nine new graphic warning labels were unveiled today by the Food and Drug Administration, part of the agency’s sweeping new powers to regulate unhealthy sexual behavior and the sale of so-called “sex tools” that often accompany it.

The Right on the Rise?

For better or worse, France has had a dominating intellectual and cultural influence throughout the West for a very long time. For most of the past couple of centuries, the influence has been for the worse. Many of the Enlightenment … Continue reading

Sojourners in the Land of Egypt

The headline reads “Egyptian Christians Worry about Radical Islamic Takeover.” The worry is a legitimate one. Instability in the Arab world, caused by revolutions against western-backed strong men, could well empower fanatical Islamists. The downfall of our US-backed Persian strong … Continue reading

Another Anti-SPLC Article

This one from The New American. Excerpt: Smells of a Smear But nowadays the SPLC has become infamous for its commando-aggressive, slick campaigns against mainstream Americans who support constitutional government, the Second Amendment, sound money, traditional marriage, and legal immigration. … Continue reading