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On Interfaith

The following extract from the Catechism on Catholic Doctrine, written by the renowned Scottish Bishop, George Hay (1729-1811), is presented for you as a testimony to the Faith of the centuries. A con­vert from Episcopalianism, Bishop Hay understood, far better … Continue reading

Natural Family Planning

Father Chad Ripperger’s sermon on NFP (MP3) is one of the most intelligent things I’ve yet heard on this much-discussed subject. This is highly recommended for married couples.

Mary’s Universal Mediation

“For there is one God, and One Mediator of God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” (1 Tim. 2:5) In the minds of Protestant apologists, these words of St. Paul are the ultimate “talisman,” a charm which is supposed to “protect” Bible-believing Christians from … Continue reading

Beyond Dogma

“We’re beyond all that!” How common it is for a frustrated member of Christ’s faithful to hear that response from a progressivist cleric, catechist, or teacher in a nominally Catholic school. Just what we’re “beyond” is either some infallible formulation … Continue reading

The Faith Triumphs at Chalcedon

IN PREVIOUS ISSUES we have told the stories of the first and third ecu­menical councils. In what fol­lows, Brother Michael tells the story of the fourth Ecumenical Council, that of Chalcedon (pronounced Kal- sē’- dun). This of necessity brings in, … Continue reading

Grace Perfects Nature

Rationalists, for whom the supernatural order is a mere fantasy, contend that the Catholic concept of grace alienates man from his nature. The opposite error was advanced by certain modern Catholic theologians who broke with tradition and made grace virtually … Continue reading