Catholic Hospitals Forced to Murder? Remember Dagger John!

In light of wicked legislation backed by Gov. Spitzer, John Zmirak at Taki’s Magazine recommends civil disobedience in the mode of Archbishop John Hughes — “Dagger John,” as he was known. There is some good history related here about the Irish immigrants to New York and their overcoming dire poverty and bigotry.

Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop of New York, is clearly as worried as I am about the viciously anti-Christian legislation being backed by the abortionists’ best friend, NY Gov. Spitzer–which would force religious hospitals, social service agencies, and even schools to cooperate in the destruction of unborn life. The cardinal took the extraordinary step of issuing a pastoral letter this weekend, to be read from the pulpit of every church in his archdiocese. You can read it here. [Full article]