Catholic Mother Betrayed by Diocese for Objecting to Graphic Sex-Ed Course

I have posted this news item before concerning the Nashville Diocese. But this is an interview by Catholic Stand with an intrepid mother leading the fight to protect her son from being exposed to sinful material in a mandatory sex-ed course. This is an outstanding woman, devout, and charitable, and graced with fortitude. As was the case with sex-ed in Catholic schools in the sixties and seventies, those whose duty it was to lead their students in the path of purity have done the opposite. In cases like the one in Nashville, Catholic parents are denied their God-given authority by bishops who contradict the teaching of the Church as to the primacy of parental authority in the education of their children.

Catholic Stand, Pete Socks: Imagine for a moment that an innocent inquiry throws you into what amounts to a political firestorm. Your only purpose was to defend your Catholic faith. You meant no malice towards anyone. There was no personal agenda. The intent behind your inquiry and concern was merely to ensure that the teachings of the Church were being respected and upheld, not only for your child but for future children, as well.

Then imagine that the very entity that you approach in this matter identifies themselves as Catholic and persecuted you for daring to question their authority. More here.