Celebrating the Births of Christ, Mohammed, and Guru Nanak at Catholic Church in UK

December 15 interfaith event. And, lunch will be served. Looks like that’ll be a freebie! No meat, however, allowed for the Sikhs. Nevertheless, rules be gone, there’s a lot of carnivoring going on the UK Sikh temples. Oh, you are probably wondering “who is Guru Nanak”? Well, he is the founder of Sikhism. And what is Sikhism? An Indian religion that believes in one creator God while also holding that all men are divine. Sikhism (one who seeks — play on words not intended) started in the 15th century. They had ten gurus who succeeded Nanak but the line of :human” successors stopped after the tenth. Enough about that already.

ChurchMilitant, Stephen Wynne: “Honoring the births of Jesus Christ, Muhammad and Guru Nanak,” the gathering will include “speeches by Christian, Muslim and Sikh speakers, Christmas hymns, Islamic nasheeds and Sikh Gurbani poetry,” as well as “Hindu devotional songs of praise for Jesus and Muhammad.” Report is here.