Charity Is Alive in Argentina and Chile

Two good stories here amid all the bad news

Dominicana, Brother Joseph Teller, O.P.: Something beautiful will happen in Buenos Aires tonight. At around 6 p.m. a group of people will begin to congregate at the convent of St. Dominic in San Telmo, one of the city’s older barrios. There they’ll begin to prepare food in the kitchen. Read here.

And, the following post relates what an 87 year-old woman manages to do weekly in Santiago, Chile:

Catholic World Report: Every Wednesday night, 87-year-old Elena Donaire goes out onto the streets of Santiago, Chile, to meet the homeless and attend to their needs.

For 40 years, Donaire has taken part in the “Street Route” of the Hogar de Cristo (Christ’s Home), an organization that includes numerous outreach programs and facilities to help the poor.

Donaire starts her evening by fixing sandwiches, boiling water and organizing the warm clothing that she will give to the people she encounters on the streets. When everything is ready, the volunteers leave in their van. Story is here.