China: ‘Jesus Won’t Save You,’ Gov Campaign Says, ‘President Xi Jinping will!’

Cardinal Kung Foundation Christmas Newsletter 2017 (Please help the persecuted Church in China):

Communist China announced a new Savior In recent months, local government officials visited many Christian-populated villages to implement a Property Alleviation Campaign. They proclaimed a new “savior”: “Jesus won‟t save you – President Xi Jinping will! ” Families who replaced their crosses or the religious images in their homes with the portrait of President Xi were given a quota from the Poverty Relief Fund. The Washington Post reported, “in Jiangxi province‟s Yugan county, villagers “willingly‟ removed 624 religious posters and images and replaced them with 453 images of Xi. Villagers were told that they cannot count on God to lift them out of poverty, but to “rely on the Party.” This brings nightmares to those who are familiar with the history of China, such as the Cultural Revolution and the Red Guards, watching this building of another “cult of personality” Full letter is here.