China: When Your Bishop Sends Orders to Remove the Cross and ‘Catholic Church’ Sign From Church

AsiaNews, Father Shan Ren Shen Fu: As the saying goes: “To do something you have to publicize it!” Just like in business: who can not hang a sign in front of his shop? As a sign, on the roof of the building the priest put the Cross and the inscription “Catholic Church”. However, the bishop had just attended the meeting organized by the local government, and the confrere received a phone call that required him to remove the sign that represents the faith.

When he contacted me, the sign of faith had already been removed. It had been done by people sent by the bishop or the local government – I did not ask him – but it was obvious that my brother was very sad. I believe he did not blame the bishop for not supporting justice. What saddened him most was why the justice of faith does not find the freedom to coexist in society so difficult.

There is a parish priest in the diocese who received an order from the organization: the summer catechetical course must be suspended. The priest complained: my superior is the bishop, and only after receiving the written order from the bishop to suspend the course, can I suspend it. However, in the end, authority is always arbitrary: some parishes do not listen, but the majority are pressured and have stopped holding summer catechetical courses. Report is here.