Combat Rosary, a Man’s Rosary

I was given one of these rosaries by a priest friend. In addition to the article below you may want to go to a Mancipia column by our 3rd order prefect from our May/June issue page 8 which features this rosary.. See here

Roman Catholic Man, Father Richard Hielman: Fr. John Zuhlsdorf (Fr. Z) originally broke the story. On the 100th anniversary of the original 1916 WWI Military issue rosary, during his address to the new recruits about to be sworn in, the Commander of Swiss Guard held up a “Gun Metal Combat Rosary” during his address and told them that training and arms are necessary, but the most important and powerful weapon is the “Combat Rosary.” Here is a portion of his speech:

“The Combat Rosary. At the right time, at the beginning of the year, a generous donor has surprised us with a gift. He sent the Swiss guard the most powerful weapon that exists on the market: the “Combat Rosary”, Literally, the rosary for the fight. Now it was given in allocation to all the guards. It is important that we find the path of prayer, especially the prayer of the rosary. Our life, our works and our actions are in the hands of God. However, this does not mean that we can give up to arms and to exercises. God uses us as instruments to ward off evil in some situations. This is why we need a faith, faith in God and prayer ” (Col. Christoph Graf, Commander of the Swiss guard pontificate, oath of the new recruits, 6 May 2016).

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