‘Crux’ Publishes Poll by Anti-Catholic Hate Group

The Boston Globe’s visceral, longstanding, and institutionally pervasive hostility towards Roman Catholicism plummeted to new depths of malice and mendacity yesterday, when its religious website Crux, billed as “Covering all things Catholic,” published a column by a functionary of the anti-Catholic hate group, Catholics for Choice.

In a disinformation piece entitled “Do Catholic millennials buy US bishops’ religious freedom arguments?”, one Jen Girdish, identified as Associate Director of Communications for the group, recycled their decades old talking points, supposedly verified in a new poll commissioned by them, touting dissent from Catholic moral teaching.

Truth in labeling, ethics in journalism, and simple intellectual honesty should have impelled Crux to inform its readers that the organization formerly known as Catholics for Free Choice is a Catholic bashing front, founded and funded by the enemies of the Church in the abortion industry.

Its list of contributors comprises a virtual Who’s Who of the population control movement, including the Ford Foundation, the Sunnen Foundation (financed on the profits of EMKO contraceptive foam), and even Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Foundation. its origins can be traced to Planned Parenthood, the Unitarian Church, and the National Abortion Federation — the trade association of abortion clinic operators.

In recent years, it has carried on a vindictive but unsuccessful campaign to expel the Holy See from the United Nations. A well funded letterhead, its former president, abortionist Frances Kissling, admitted under questioning from this writer in a Boston radio debate that “We’re not a membership organization. We have no membership.” CFC has no membership, and Crux has no integrity.