Did Jesus Laugh?

There is no record of it in the Gospels. But there certainly are episodes in the Gospels wherein we can picture Our Lord smiling: when He blessed and embraced the little children; when He dubbed James and John “sons of thunder”; at the marriage feast of Cana; and, most certainly, when He appeared to His Blessed Mother after His Resurrection. I loved the regular headliner for Abbé d’Nantes, Contra Reforme Catholique, when I used to get it, which I will paraphrase: “We look forward to His coming when we shall see Him with His carpenter’s hands and His poor Man’s smile.”  The following is a good article, brief, on the subject.

Catholic Exchange, Stephen Beale: In the gospels, Jesus shares in the fullness of the human experience. To paraphrase one theologian, he mourns and rejoices, he hungers and thirsts, He is born and dies. But, to the modern reader, there seems to be one thing we experience that Jesus doesn’t: laughter. Read the rest here.