Exposition of Christ’s Seamless Tunic in Trier Cathedral April 13 – May 13

The sacred tunic of Our Lord has only been exposed for veneration sixteen times since it was first displayed in 1521. The last exposition was in 1996. What a wonderful pilgrimage this would be to see the seamless robe of Jesus, woven by the hands of His Blessed Mother.

Catholic Culture reports:

Christ’s sacred tunic, housed in a reliquary at the cathedral in Trier, will be displayed for public veneration from April 13 to May 13. Pope Benedict has named Cardinal Marc Ouellet, prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, as his special envoy to the opening ceremonies.

The event marks the 500th anniversary of the public display of the sacred tunic in 1512. Since 1512, it has been displayed on 16 occasions, most recently in 1996. Links to more information here.


Zenit: To mark the start of the pilgrimage for the exposition of the Sacred Tunic kept in Trier, Germany, Benedict XVI appointed Cardinal Marc Ouellet as his special envoy.