Family of Alabama State Rep Threatened With Vulgar Violence for His Stand Against Abortion

Activist Mommy: [Garland Gudger] “people have contacted my 15-year-old son on Snapchat and social media,” while his wife has “been contacted that they were going to break into our house and rape and do other things to her.”

“It’s been a lot of stress at our household—and a lot of the other colleagues on the floor the same way,” Gudger added.

The biggest issue the left has with recent restrictions on abortion  is that they claim it is a violation of women’s rights and that women should have total bodily autonomy to make their own “choice.” Then, they turn around and make the most vulgar threats against a woman, saying they are going to rape her?

Nothing is more anti-woman or violates bodily autonomy and choice more than rape.

That kind of threat is disgusting and should be condemned in the strongest possible way by politicians on both sides of the aisle, regardless of their stance on abortion. Is this really where we are as a nation? Threatening to rape women who oppose murder in the womb? It’s sick. More on this here.