Fisheaters Needs Help

We here at SBC are building a chapel and are in need of funds, so some may think I’m being imprudent in trying to help someone else.

Somehow, I think we’ll survive this plug.

Tracy Tucciarone, the traditional Catholic lady who is webmistress of the Fisheaters site has sent out the following appeal. If you can, give her a little hand to help keep this excellent site up. It has many valuable resources on it. Also, if you have Catholic things to sell, consider advertizing there. Her rates are VERY low, and the results are good, since there is a concentrated audience of highly interested Catholic traditionalists that read the site regularly. That’s why advertizes there!

And no, SBC is not benefiting from copying this appeal on our site, not in any material way, that is. Tracy will find out that I’ve posted her appeal in the same way any other reader will. And here it is…

* * * * * * *

OK, deep breath… I’ve never sent an email like this before, but this sort of thing seems to work for less traditional Catholic websites, such as Catholic Culture, Catholic Answers, and Zenit, so here goes.

Yes, this is a fund-raising letter. I promise to try to keep this sort of thing to a minimum, but do have to put out the tin cup now — and, if things keep going as they have been, will likely have to do so periodically. I’m asking you to help in one of a few ways:

1. Subscribe through PayPal and pledge a monthly donation. It can be as little as $1 to — well, as big as you want and are able to give.
2. Make a one time donation either through PayPal or by check.
3. If you have a Catholic business, consider advertising on FishEaters. This page will tell you why and how:

Why donate to the particular cause of keeping FishEaters around? Because the FishEaters website works. It achieves its purpose of teaching Catholics how to practice the Faith in the traditional way — i.e., in the way our ancestors practiced the Faith before the  cataclysm that followed Vatican II. Everything one needs to know to worship as our grandparents did is on the FishEaters website — and there is so much more I’d like to add. See excerpts from letters I’ve received, at the bottom of Donate Page linked to below, to get a feel for some of the feedback I get about how FishEaters changes lives. It’s so humbling!


Thank you and God bless you for even considering trying to help! And if you’re unable to help, but would if you could, God bless you just the same! If you already subscribe or donate, thank you, thank you, thank you!

While I’m writing, I want to clarify something about the FishEaters website:  the discussion forum is an arena in which Catholics and non-Catholics of all types express their opinions. Sometimes the FishEaters site gets a “bad rap” because of something someone else other than me writes at the discussion forum. Someone will post X — quite often something I’d vehemently disagree with — and I hear how “‘FishEaters’ teaches X”  But what “FishEaters” “thinks” and “teaches” can be found in the site’s Statement of Faith (  The site’s working definition of “traditional Catholicism” can be found on the “Traditional Catholicism 101” page, which is written in a scholarly, encyclopedic manner and, so, includes Catholics who worship within and without diocesan structures in the definition of “traditionalist Catholics” (  I stay far away from debates about the S.S.P.X. vs. the F.S.S.P. vs. sedevacantism and so forth, aside from the fact that the promotion of sedevacantism is disallowed at the dicussion forum. At the website itself, I just stick to traditional teaching and traditional Catholic practices, leaving the matter of where folks should or shouldn’t worship to the individuals in question, their consciences, their priests, their families, and God. My only goal is to teach folks what traditional Catholicism — every last drop of it — is and how to worship in a way that is most pleasing to God. Where they decide to do that is something I simply don’t get into on the website.

Again, thank you all.  I pray everyone has a most happy Eastertide!

Tracy Tucciarone (“Vox Clamantis”)