“Gay’ This, ‘Gay’ That, Media is Obsessed About Homosexuality

Now retired San Francisco 49er, Steve Young, a Mormon, puts his two cents worth in on ‘gayness’ and other disorientations. And his wife, who has a homosexual brother, says she is happy to be a convert to Mormonism. And why? Because the Mormon ‘church’ evolves. I guess so. It does evolve. It evolves from bizarre, to less bizarre, to more bizarre, wherever the wind may blow. Then again, such is the case with all false religion. Banning blacks from membership was good in the first hundred years of this bizarre cult, but there was a new awakening not too long ago. Brigham Young had it wrong, or maybe right back when, if their God is mutable, and He sure is with the Mormons. Suddenly God changed his mind and blacks were OK’d to be Mormons in light of the new revelation. ‘Gay’ sexual behavior was verboten, now Steve Young says it’s OK, so is bisexual behavior, and transexual behavior, and transgenderism. At least Mormon Mitt Romney knew how to evade these ‘touchy’ subjects, adeptly walking down both sides of the street on issues even as diabolical as abortion. So, Quarterback Young, we need to “see each other as Jesus sees us.” You should be careful what you wish for. But, your Jesus is not the Jesus of revelation and history. The real Jesus condemned sodomy and all sins against purity. And the true Jesus, Mr. Young, is God. God created you out of nothing. And, yes, He, Jesus, sees us all and all that we do.

KQED News: Big news today that the Pope thinks the Catholic Church is too “obsessed” with abortion, gay marriage and contraception. But locally, the opinion of an even bigger religiously minded superstar perhaps carries even more weight.

Last Saturday, former 49ers demi-god Steve Young gave a speech at the annual conference of the group Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons. Here’s AP’s account:

SALT LAKE CITY — Former NFL quarterback Steve Young says he’s a Mormon who wants to build bridges to the gay community.

Young spoke Saturday night to about 400 people attending a conference of the group “Affirmation: Gay and Lesbian Mormons.”

The former Brigham Young University quarterback said, “We need to see each other as Jesus sees us.”

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